Member Speak



Selfless service of Support Elders team

I wish to express my gratitude to Support Elders team and the service they have provided over the last couple of months. Last month, I was at home, visiting my mother when she suddenly fell sick. We called Support Elders and Mr S. Biswas arrived immediately and took her blood pressure, and engaged my mother in casual conversation, to relax her. Mr S. Mitra arrived with a doctor almost immediately, who suggested an MRI scan. He alerted us that my mother’s health could become critical. Immediately the team organised an ambulance and accompanied my mother and me for the CT scan. Suddenly my mother’s health deteriorated and she had acute breathing problem. All through these events I observed how genuinely concerned and sincere each and every service giver of Support Elders was. Their casual conversation during visits, routine phone calls, really gives happiness to the elderly. The team is sensitive to their needs as well. They serve the Elders as family members and this is important.
Thank you for your selfless service.

Ms B. Bose, Switzerland

Building heartfelt connections

I want to extend my thanks and regards to Support Elders, specially to ZC Mr. A. Bhattachariya for his support, dedication and hard work. It is more than 2 years that my father has been a member here. Mr. Bhattachariya has been very helpful since then and has developed a good relationship with my parents. The faith and trust that my parents have developed in him is noteworthy. His willingness to lend a helping hand, counter challenges and find solutions whenever required, is commendable.

I renewed the membership for the third time. Hope to see the level of services maintained for a long-lasting relationship.

Ms P. Dutta, Bangalore

Appreciation and gratitude to Support Elders

I just want to take this opportunity and express my appreciation and gratitude to Support Elders team. Baba is now 88 years old and slowly coming to terms with the fact that he needs help and support. Mr H. K. Dey has been phenomenal. He not only does what he is supposed to do, and does it with diligence, but goes beyond the call of duty to provide true personal care and attention. Your team allows my father to live with dignity and I very much appreciate that.  The culture of any organization starts at the top and I am thankful for the way it has been set.
I cannot imagine what I would have done without the support of Support Elders! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Ms N. Sarkar, New York

Support Elders – an assurance of support

The support staff Mr. G. Patra who was on duty with my father Mr. A. Mukherjee for the blood transfusion, has been extremely diligent and proactive in ensuring the process was smooth and hassle free. He has taken care of my father while taking him from our house to the clinic and during the blood transfusion as well as on their way back home. He has proactively kept all family members informed about the blood transfusion process at every step so we could monitor his situation staying away from Kolkata. Very impressed with his attitude and attention to details. Thanks for the help.

Mr A. Mukherjee, Bangalore