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Exceptional examples of Our Dedicated Service

Work in synergy

Our member Ms B. Chowdhury had problems receiving pension after her husband’s demise. They had shifted to their native place Chinsura from Secunderabad. When she realised that the pension amount was not credited to her account, she took help of Support Elders Uttarpara team. MCA Mr G. Roy was deployed to pursue the case. The address in the Pension Scheme document and Aadhar card did not match, as the Aadhar Card was of Secunderabad.
To resolve this problem Mr Roy contacted Support Elders Hyderabad team. He told them in detail about the problem and what was required. Both Uttarpara and Hyderabad team carried out the work in synergy. Team Hyderabad got the address changed in the Pension Scheme Document within no time and sent it back to Uttarpara. It was further pursued and processed by Mr Roy for a week after which the pension was credited. Ms Chowdhury was greatly relieved as she didn’t have to travel, yet the work was accomplished so well.

Misplaced mobile phone retrieved

Our member Mr. S. N. Chakraborty, while being at the Institute of Neuro- Science, on 11th July 23, for his wife’s check-up had left his mobile phone there. In the evening during his scheduled daily call Ms. P. Pillai called his mobile number and came to know that the phone was left at the hospital and could be collected on producing relevant documents. She immediately informed ZC Mr. A. Roy about it. Mr. Roy in return called Mr. Chakraborty on his wife’s mobile and intimated them about the mobile phone which they had no clue, had been left behind. Mr Roy instructed MCA Mr. M Chhajer to speak to the hospital person and do the needful. Mr. Chhajer did so and after collecting necessary documents from our member went to collect the mobile from the hospital’s main branch. After a lot of verifications, he was handed over the phone. This saved Mr. Chakraborty a lot of hassles.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Quick solution gives relief

On 7th July 2023, while OC1 Mr K.K Mitra of Uttarpara, visited our member Ms B. Mitra, she informed him of receiving constant messages regarding unpaid House tax. She was much worried about this and didn’t know how to resolve this issue. Her children being settled in the USA also didn’t know the way forward.

Mr Mitra heard all details and collected necessary documents and went to the Municipality office. He met the concerned authorities, found out the details of her House Tax status and realised that after her husband’s demise, for the last 3 years, it had not been paid.

Mr. Mitra met the authorities of Konnagar Municipality, resolved all disputes, collected all the documents of pending dues, and paid the house tax and cleared it all. Within a week everything was sorted.

Our member was extremely relieved and happy for the quick solution of this problem.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Timely arrangement of blood

Our member Mr. A. C. Chatterjee, had fallen and injured his femur bone and was admitted to the hospital by our Support Elders staff for an operation. While he was kept under observation and medical examinations were going on, regularly some staff of ours used to visit the hospital to find out about our member’s health. On the day of his operation, our MCA Mr. S. Biswas had gone to the hospital to get updates of our member. At that time, he was told that blood was required but it was unavailable in the hospital blood bank. Mr. Biswas, immediately rushed to find blood from all the blood banks nearby and other hospitals. It was ultimately found in one of the hospitals of Serampur. Mr. Biswas brought it to the hospital in record time, where Mr. Chatterjee was admitted.
This timely action was much appreciated by the doctor and the operation was successful. Our member was discharged after three days. He was taken home by the Support Elders team. Later also they kept in touch regularly till Mr. Chatterjee was absolutely fine.

Kudos to team Support Elders!