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Commitment unlocks doors

One of the team members of Support Elders Mr T. K. Mahato has done an excellent job by recovering an investment amount for us. My father had invested in a mutual fund 4 years back. Sadly, he left us in between. It was a critical problem to retrieve the amount as there was no nominee mentioned. We couldn’t be physically present, but Mr Mahato handled this matter marvellously and resolved the problem. The bank employee asked to submit many legal documents pertaining to the mutual fund which Mr Mahato efficiently collected from all government offices. His presence of mind, commitment and hard work helped us retrieve the amount.
I personally thank each and every team member of Support Elders for their excellent support, especially Mr Mahato.

Keep up the good work!

Ms S. Mandal, Delhi

A high quality experience

Mr G. Bhowmick is doing a wonderful job helping my mom. He has been very good and is definitely making my life easier. I appreciate the organisation for the quality, interaction of the staff and the trust that they have built. Appreciate the effort your team is making to make this an experience of high quality. Please keep it up! It’s rare to find companies and resources that I can trust in Kolkata. Thank you.

Mr Amit Sen, UK

A pillar of support

On behalf of Ms D. Burman, I thank the entire team of Support Elders, especially ZC Mr D. Roy for being a pillar of support while she was critically ill for almost two months. Her
elder son, Mr S. R. Burman, being in the USA, and other family members being elderly, it has not been possible for them to stand by her on a frequent basis. Under such circumstances, Mr. Roy has been a huge pillar of support, standing by her, and literally fulfilling everything that she needed.
From arranging for an ambulance, visiting her at the hospital, meeting doctors, meeting the advocate to deliver documents, visiting relatives of Ms Burman to help with banking services, visiting her disabled son at home, Mr. Roy has accomplished innumerable tasks, more dedicatedly than words can express. We are gratified by
his dedication.
Wishing him and the entire team all the very best!

Ms M. Barman, Kolkata

Pro-active and prompt

I am extremely happy with the service provided by Support Elders at the time of emergency of my mother Ms E. Saha who took the membership just 2 months back. As both of us, her daughters, stay out of Kolkata, it was not possible to reach her on time and prompt service was needed at odd hours at night. Mr G. Basak and Mr P. Nayak did their best to take her to the hospital, admit her, constantly visited her and kept us updated and were there till her release from the hospital. I thank your entire team for being so pro-active at the time of need, and for personally informing us about all details. Please keep up the good work and maintain this dedication towards work. I am definitely going to refer Support Elders to my friends and relatives who are in need of such service.
All the best for your future endeavours!

Ms S. Saha, Dubai