Member Speak



Dedicated and reliable team

I want to express my gratitude for the complete competence and compassion with which Support Elders helped our family during my father’s hospitalization and also after his passing away. We have been using their service for almost two years and there has never been a false note in their dedication and reliability when it came to checking on and working with my parents. We will remain indebted to them and I recommend them without an iota of hesitation.

Ms D. Sanyal, New Jersey

Exceptional service and commitment

I am a member of Support Elders. All the team members of this organisation take care of us in such a way that I feel they are our own family members. When I had fallen ill, the way they had taken care of me was amazing. During that time, they had carefully helped me go down the stairs of my three-storeyed house. They take care of every requirement of ours. They are extremely helpful and during our need they do everything possible to make us feel comfortable. I can go on and on praising them. There is no end to the remarkable way in which they take care of senior citizens.

Ms. A. Banerjee , Kolkata

Exceptional service by Support Elders team

I have been a member of this organization for the past 3-4 years, and I am happy for the exceptional service provided by the Support Elders team. One night, I found myself in a dire situation when I had fractured my shoulder bone while I was alone. Mr P. Maity and Mr N. Mandal from Support Elders team came to my aid, helping me down the stairs in a chair and getting me to the hospital. An x-ray confirmed the severe break, and I underwent surgery. The team efficiently handled all the necessary documentation, allowing my daughter to join me without any added stress.
Since then, the Support Elders team has continued to take excellent care of me, whether it is arranging doctor visits, purchasing medication, or attending to any other needs I might have. During my weekly visits, they ensure all my requirements are met, making my life much easier. Thanks to their unwavering support, I am able to live here comfortably and with peace of mind.

Ms. M. Mitra, Kolkata

Support Elders relieves us of our worries

We have been members of Support Elders for the last three years. This organisation has given us a sense of security and the belief that during any medical emergency or requirement, someone from Support Elders will immediately come to take care of us. The daily calls are also of immense importance to me. I keep waiting for these calls as this helps me to speak my mind and feel better. If I am upset, I can share my worries and feel relieved, if I am happy I can share that too which doubles my happiness. During the covid days, when we were confined indoors, we had experienced an emergency situation. But the Support Elders staff knew exactly what had to be done. They brought an ambulance, took my husband to the hospital, admitted him and after he was released brought him back home. During the entire time I was only a silent spectator. They had relieved me of all my worries. Since my husband is unwell, our coordinator makes him feel comfortable with his compassionate behaviour constantly.
I feel extremely happy and relaxed being a member of this organisation.

Ms L. Chakraborty, Kolkata