Member Speak



Supportive, calm and kind staff

I would like to thank you all for the services being provided by the organisation. Would like to talk about OC Mr P. K. Singh in particular. He has been very helpful. He is always approachable and solution oriented, giving solutions and helping us out, especially since my dad is 90 plus and lives alone, both my brother and I live outside Kolkata. Other staff I have interacted with are also supportive, calm, kind and I would like to thank the organisation for their services.

Ms. S. Niyogi, Mumbai

Note of appreciation for the Support Elders team

This little note of appreciation is dedicated to the entire team of Support Elders who accompanied us and gave us three fun-filled days during the trip to Sundarbans. I, of course struck a discordant note by my fall. At that time I realised how devoted and caring the team is. Their assurance and care gave me so much of strength to bear the pain. From childhood I have been a great fan of army men and women. Now I realise how right I was. You can trust them with your life. The way they held my hand gave me courage, confidence, their ever-watchful eyes showed their sense of efficiency, and sometimes some of their quiet ways showed their alertness. They all were never too far to answer our calls. What I feel in my heart is much more than the words ‘thank you’ can express. You have got the blessings of all the aged people whom you took under your wings.

Ms. M. Lahiri, Kolkata

Selfless service of Support Elders team

I wish to express my gratitude to Support Elders team and the service they have provided over the last couple of months. Last month, I was at home, visiting my mother when she suddenly fell sick. We called Support Elders and Mr S. Biswas arrived immediately and took her blood pressure, and engaged my mother in casual conversation, to relax her. Mr S. Mitra arrived with a doctor almost immediately, who suggested an MRI scan. He alerted us that my mother’s health could become critical. Immediately the team organised an ambulance and accompanied my mother and me for the CT scan. Suddenly my mother’s health deteriorated and she had acute breathing problem. All through these events I observed how genuinely concerned and sincere each and every service giver of Support Elders was. Their casual conversation during visits, routine phone calls, really gives happiness to the elderly. The team is sensitive to their needs as well. They serve the Elders as family members and this is important.
Thank you for your selfless service.

Ms B. Bose, Switzerland

Building heartfelt connections

I want to extend my thanks and regards to Support Elders, specially to ZC Mr. A. Bhattachariya for his support, dedication and hard work. It is more than 2 years that my father has been a member here. Mr. Bhattachariya has been very helpful since then and has developed a good relationship with my parents. The faith and trust that my parents have developed in him is noteworthy. His willingness to lend a helping hand, counter challenges and find solutions whenever required, is commendable.

I renewed the membership for the third time. Hope to see the level of services maintained for a long-lasting relationship.

Ms P. Dutta, Bangalore