Member Speak



Compassionate and responsible behaviour

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Support Elders team for their support, help and care provided to my mother, Ms A. Biswas all throughout my stay in Canada.

I would specifically like to mention that MCA Mr N. Saha who is associated with my mother for member care, has been very efficient in his duty, and his service is worth appreciating. He had gone into every detail, and taken care of all necessities, no matter how busy his schedule had been. I have not seen this kind of selflessness and dedication in recent times. My parents have been members of Support Elders since 2018 and their services have been truly commendable, but Mr. N Saha has added a different angle to the services for the elderly with his compassionate nature and responsible behaviour. I hope that the team will keep considering our requirements in future as well, and will continue employing very able staff who will provide their service empathetically to the elderly, keeping in mind the helplessness that comes from old age.

Ms A. Biswas,Canada

Prompt help during fire emergency!

I would like to thank you for your kind and prompt help during the emergency situation of my father, Mr D K Adhikari. On Friday, 27 January,2022, there was a short circuit in my father’s apartment and the apartment caught fire. Support Elders team members, MCAs Mr S. Ghosh and Mr C.S Patra, under the leadership of ZC Mr G. Basak reached the house in very less time, and they did all the needful.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Support Elders team. I request you to continue this kind of service in the future too.

Ms D. Banerjee,Mysore

Being a Support System!

My heartfelt thanks and best wishes to RC Mr G. Pradhan and MCA Mr S. Chatterjee of Support Elders, Durgapur region. They have regularly taken care of my father, Mr D. Chattopadhyay, and have helped him whenever required. Every day, they reach out to inquire about my father’s wellbeing. Since I am in the USA and haven’t been able to visit him frequently due to the pandemic, I’m extremely relieved and comforted to know that Support Elders is taking care of my father. Seeing how they have looked out for his wellbeing, I can definitely say that they have been his support system in my absence. I will certainly recommend this organisation to people who are in a similar situation as me, who have older parents and want them to be taken care of with empathy under all circumstances.

Mr S. Chattopadhyay,USA

Extreme dedication and top-notch professionalism

On the night of 25th January 2022, my father, Mr K. K. Debsarkar, complained of chest pain and contacted our designated Support Elders personnel. Immediate help was sent over to my parents and the team accompanied them and admitted my father to the hospital. Thereafter, for a whole week, the entire team comprising Mr S. K. Sarkar, MCA A. Roy, MCA T. K. Mahato and MCA A. Prasad have been with my parents and have assisted them in every way. Not only did they report to the hospital daily, but they also checked on my mother who was staying alone at that time and helped her get groceries. They have provided continuous support to my family over a week, from my father’s hospitalization to his discharge and during each interaction the entire team has been extremely patient and very courteous. I am aware that during the Covid surge, they are probably working round the clock attending to ailing aged members of so many other families, yet they demonstrate extreme dedication and top-notch professionalism all the time. I pray for the good health and success of this incredible team. Thanking you is not enough!

Ms N. Debsarkar, Canada