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Dutiful, responsible and efficient

Recently I went to my residence in Santiniketan from Kolkata for a week. During that period MCA Mr P. Roy, of Support Elders, Bolpur team took very good care of me and helped me a lot during my stay there. He is a well behaved, helpful, dutiful, responsible and efficient person and he completed an important work at Bolpur Municipality on behalf of me. I am very happy
and pleased.
I wish him all the success in life. God bless him!

Mrs. T. Sengupta, Kolkata

Constant Support

I would like to thank you for all the help you provided during my mother’s knee surgery on March 11, 2024.
My mother, Ms S. Pal, got a double knee surgery at the Bellevue hospital in Kolkata. Given that I live in the US and Kolkata is not my hometown,
I depended a lot on the service provided by Support Elders.
I would like to give my thanks particularly to Mr M. K. Poddar who stayed and communicated with me at every step of the procedure, assuring me that everything will turn out alright, and even donated his own blood when the hospital asked for a unit to replace the one needed by my mother. I am truly grateful.
I also thank Mr S. Alam, Mr P. Bhoumik and the others in the Support Elders team who were there whenever I needed them.
It would have been much more difficult and stressful for me to handle this entire episode without the constant support I received from the Support Elders team at Chinsura-Hooghly.
Thank you very much. You guys are irreplaceable.

Mr. S. Pal, Seattle

Compassionate, empathetic and loving care

I am very thankful for the competent and loving care my dad receives from the Support Elders team. Being miles away from my dad, I count on Support Elders, to be there for any help if and when needed.
Mr T. Mukherjee who takes care of my dad’s medical requirements, makes things better for my dad and he feels safe and secure with him. Mr Mukherjee is always a wise spender whether it is for daily needs or medical facilities. As dad doesn’t have a medical insurance, in his last visit to an ENT, Mr Mukherjee literally fought with the hospital management for fair and correct billing. I really appreciate this kind gesture of his.
My dad eagerly waits for Mr R. Purkait’s visit and never gets tired of praising him. Mr Purkait has always been very compassionate and empathetic towards him. I mentioned these names but I know it is a teamwork and I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all of you for your care and support.

Ms D. Bhattacharya, Dubai

Support Elders - a lifeline

Support Elders was a “lifeline” for my father, who recently left us, and continues to be so for my mother. Their service has been an incredible source of strength for my family and is delivered with compassion, that is boundless, and of unwavering warmth. No matter the emergency healthcare needs or general elder care support, they are always there as a pillar of trust! We have been blessed to be supported by Mr B. Panda and Mr Mishra — two rare individuals who put service first and are always selfless. Mr. Mishra was there for us in our most difficult moment, when I lost my father, and his presence was consistently calming and reassuring. He focussed on minimizing our worries, taking care of each task and providing all the support needed. Words are not enough to capture the impact of the service we have received from Support Elders. Simply put, the gratitude for everything they have done and continue to do is immeasurable. Support Elders is a blessing to any individual or family who are considering to engage an elder support service organization.

Mr. R. Burman, New York