Member Speak



Bond of faith and trustworthiness

Words cannot simply express my gratitude as to how deeply my family is indebted to the team members of “Support Elders”, Durgapur. For over a year now, members of the team have been providing constant assistance to my father-in-law. He has developed a nice relationship with them: a bonding based upon faith, friendliness and trustworthiness. On June 28th, 2022 at 4:00 in the morning, he felt unwell and was having acute breathing difficulties. Members of the Support Elders team promptly took over the matter. They consulted with his doctor and got him admitted to a hospital. At the same time, they informed my husband who was in the United States at the time. I rushed to Durgapur immediately. Support Elders personnel provided outstanding service and were constantly by my side for the week that my father-in-law was in the hospital for the emergency cardiac pacemaker implant. As the primary point of contact between attending physicians/ICU staff and our family, the Support Elders staff members were instrumental in keeping us posted with the developments and updates throughout the hospital stay. They were responsible, caring, courteous, and most definitely thorough professionals. They were always on top of things that called for immediate attention. Every situation was handled with care, confidence and professionalism. The entire Support Elders team really delivered on their promise and went above and beyond.

Ms B. Chattopadhyay, USA

Dedication, sincerity and courtesy

On 16th July 2022 at midnight, I fell ill and required immediate hospitalisation. I informed Support Elders and they instantly arranged for a car and admitted me to a hospital all within 30 minutes. Thereafter all coordination with the hospital, doctor consultation as well as corporate desk communication was done by the Support Elders team. At the same time, they informed my son who stays in France and gave him all information. I appreciate the dedication of the team. The quality of service is awesome and I am overwhelmed by their sincerity and courtesy. My gratitude to Mr B. Saha & his team members especially ZC Mr R. Purkait.

Ms. B. Sarkar, Kolkata

Commitment, sincerity and empathy

I appreciate all the Support Elders team members who had helped my mother, Ms P. Goswami, during her illness and hospitalisation, in the month of August, 2022. Her illness had brought upon us an emergency, soon after I returned home. It turned out to be our first-hand experience of the emergency response capabilities of Support Elders.

From hospital admission, regular interactions with doctors and medical personnel, regular updates to me and seeking permission when required – every aspect was attended to. Likewise, logistics, including handling insurance related procedures, connecting me to doctors and mother, as well as completing the discharge formalities and taking her back home, explaining medications, follow up visits to keep track on her condition, and explaining expenses & accounts were accomplished systematically.

All in all, the commitment, sincerity and empathy of each and every team member was commendable.

A big thank you to all Support Elders staff who have taken care of her.

I’m glad that I’ve made mother a member of this organisation.

Ms. C. Suresh, Bangalore

Dedicated team

I sincerely thank you Support Elders, for the support you have lent to my family for the last 4-5 years. Your team of dedicated Member Care Associates and office staff, have stood by my parents and my in-laws during emergency and other medical support requirements. Your team’s effort has ensured me, that I can confidently pursue my work and career without worrying about my family.

Thank you again

Mr M. Mukherjee, Mumbai