Member Speak



Professional and efficienct

Recently my mother Ms S. Dasgupta had to get her passport done and MCA Mr A. Guha was instrumental in helping her with the process. An arrangement was made for someone very efficient to fill out all documents required and later Mr Guha accompanied Ma to the passport office. He requested for a wheelchair and the interview process was done before time. This was done with great care and efficiency without any glitches.
A big thank you to ZC Mr A. Adhikary as well for always managing every single need with professionalism and efficiency. His attitude to get the task done has always been very assuring.
Big shout out to all team members who are extremely well trained to handle their job and are there for all families. We are lucky to have found Support Elders and will continue to spread the word around for all the work that they do.

Ms. S. Chatterjee, USA

Diligent work

I take this opportunity to mention that Mr. G. Patra has most successfully obtained my documents from the bank, which, I was facing a lot of difficulty in obtaining. He has taken care to resolve the delay in the process of achieving these documents and solving my problems. I thank him and pray that you keep giving us your continued service. It will not be out of place to mention about Mr. B. Basu too, who painstakingly ensures that our troubles are taken care of, by sending the right person for the right job. The regular regime is okay with all your team members, but certain efforts Mr. G. Patra took or takes, makes him very diligent.
Thank you, Support Elders. All the best for your efforts for ALL of us.

Ms S. Nanavati, Kolkata

Personalized attention

We want to express our thanks and gratitude to the Uttarpara Support Elders staff for their exceptional care and support to our father. The Uttarpara Support Elders team members are:
K. Mitra, S. Ghosh, A. Pathak, S. Biswas, T. Ghosh and Mr. M. Poddar (team lead and our main contact).
Our father is old, bedridden and needs dedicated help to manage daily household chores, bank and marketing tasks, hospital and doctor visits. Your patience, kindness, and dedication has provided critical support and comfort to our father’s life and given us peace of mind.  We are thankful for your compassion, personalized attention, and care for our father.

Mr. A & A Mukherjee, USA

Extremely satisfied with the service

My wife and I live in Germany whereas our mothers live alone in Kolkata. We are using your service to take care of my mother and mother-in-law since June 2022. Both my wife and I are extremely satisfied with your service and care over the last 15 months. Mr S. Dey and each of his team members always attend to their requirements promptly in terms of medical assistance, emergency household needs, banking work etc. Support Elders team members enquire about their wellbeing everyday morning by calling them over phone or by visiting their houses. We are extremely happy with your service. Keep up your good work and best wishes to each of your team members!

Mr P. Chattopadhyay, Germany