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Thank You, Support Elders

I send my belated thanks to SUPPORT ELDERS for helping me by sending one of their reliable persons at 4 in the morning in this cold weather in January 2018 and getting transport (taxi) and seeing me off with luggage which I was not even allowed to touch while loading.

D Mookerjea, Kolkata

Thank you

I am stationed outside Kolkata since long, and was desperately exploring various means look after my aged mother who lives alone, in the manner which provides peace of mind to me. On route, I was referred to Support Elders by a friend of mine, and we got associated. I express my heartfelt thanks to the team members of Support Elders for taking care of my mother in exactly the way that I thought of. Support Elders is exemplary in his efforts and the same sense of responsibility is seen in his team members. Each team member responds to each activity with full sincerity which is amazing. My mother has become emotionally attached with the team and expresses her concerns freely, which, in turn, is conveyed to us for necessary action. Emotional bonding is a necessity to manage old aged people and it is possible when there is humane touch, Team Support Elders truly provides. I wish I could have got myself associated with this team long back. Looking forward, I hope that this bonding strengthens as we move forward. I am excited while recommending this organisation to all my friends and relatives in near future. Thanks, SUPPORT ELDERS, for the noble approach. Thanks to all other associated with the humane organisation whom I am missing inadvertently


Support Elders saved the day!

I live in United States and as I am the only child of parents, my mother lives in Kolkata with her caregiver. My mother is a member of Support Elders since 2016. Last month she suffered a massive heart failure at home and had to be immediately rushed to the nearest emergency care by Support Elders. She was admitted in ICU and stayed in the hospital for 12 days. During this entire period, team Support Elders helped us immensely. I was here, as every year I come to see my mother during the summer holidays. I informed them of the situation and they promptly took all the action needed during the emergency. I was astonished by the kind of support and service they provided at the time of hospitalisation and the entire stay as well.

I really appreciate their help and thank them for the support and service that they are providing us for our parents. Being a daughter, I can only say that because of them my mother is alive today. All my best wishes to team Support Elders and thanks as always.

Chandana Banerjee, USA

Tremendously assuring

Since my mother and I live in different cities, I had to take the help of Support Elders, and I am so glad I did – their non-commercial, solution-oriented approach is at once refreshing as well as tremendously assuring. The organisation has been a pillar of strength for my mother, and my father before that, and in terms of stress relief, has added a good many years to my life as well! Thank you, Support Elders Team.

Sunanda Guha, Mumbai