Member Speak



How Support Elders has made a Difference in My Life

I came to know about Support elders while attending one of the functions of Airforce. I was a bit hesitant if I should consider being a member then because I thought I could do the out of house work all by myself. One day when I was in Gariahaat market for shopping I missed a step and fell down on the street. Thank God nothing serious happened to me but at that very moment I was worried, helpless and feared if something happens to me, what should I do. With the help of some locals I managed to come back home and immediately contacted Support Elders and decided to be a member.

Now I feel absolutely safe and tension free, I know if something happens to me I can get immediate help from them. Their approachable and efficient way of working made a significant difference in my life.

Ashoka Chaudhuri, Kolkata

How Support Elders Gives us Peace of Mind

I was planning to go Bangladesh to visit my ancestral home and requested Support Elders to accompanying me for my Visa stamping. They sent one of their member care associates to take me to the Visa office. He made sure I entered the office and waited for me outside. There was a person known to me at the Visa office, so after doing all my Visa related work I was having a long conversation with my old friend. I thought that he must have left because it was few hours when I finally came out from the office and was surprised to see him waiting for me outside for that long. I was embarrassed and asked, “why didn’t you go back, it’s quite late now?” With a warm smile on his face he replied, “How can I leave you here sir, my responsibility is to reach you home safely”. The words touched my heart and I could realize how responsible the people of this organisation are! Every now and then someone comes to spend time with me, other than calling me everyday to enquire about my health. My daughter who stays in Hongkong also knows that there is someone to take care of me back home.

B K Mahajan, Kolkata

Thank You for Helping Out My Mother

Recently, my mother, Swapna Dutta, a member of Support Elders, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and stays alone in Kolkata, accidentally burnt her arm while using an immersion rod to heat a bucket full of water. Her skin was so severely scalded that it came off in places. Support Elders staff facilitated immediate medical intervention and follow-up.

I was worried sick about how my mother could manage all by herself that night. Thankfully, Ma is a member of Support Elders. Sensing the risk of letting Ma stay alone further, I called up the Support Elders NAC team and sought assistance in procuring a full-time caregiver for Ma.

The concerned Member Care Associate rushed to a village in Burdwan, a good 2-3-hour journey by train from Howrah. He somehow convinced a lady, whom he knew from earlier, to accompany him back to Kolkata the same night to attend to Ma, who was in distress. I was so relieved and thankful to the entire Support Elders team for rising to the occasion and going beyond the call of duty!

Debarati Dutta, Kharagpur

Thank you, Support Elders

My mother, Mrs. Nandita Sen, is one of your subscribers. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for doing such a commendable job of taking care of my mother. My mother recently had cataract surgery and your staff took special care of her.

I will remain forever grateful for all the help and support that you have provided to my mother.

Namrata Sen, USA