Support Elders


Exceptional examples of Our Dedicated Service

Timely action to restore necessities

At 3.30 a.m a call was received by MCA Mr S. Dey, from our member Mr B. B. Bhowmik stating an emergency and he immediately rushed to his apartment while intimating about the incident to his senior ATM Mr S. Alam. Mr Bhowmik’s room had caught fire due to a short circuit and was in a bad state. Mr S. Dey called ZC Mr S. Sarkar and both of them immediately shifted Mr Bhowmik to his next-door neighbour’s flat, contacted the police, took permission from them to apply to the Electricity Board to re-work the electrical wiring and connections. In the meantime, they removed the burnt remnants of furnishings and got the necessary things in place. They constantly pursued and got the electrical connection restored within
2 days. During those two days Mr Dey and Mr Sarkar took care of our member and his son and got them food and other necessary supplies. They shifted Mr Bhowmik back to his apartment after making it habitable. The timely presence of the Support Elders team had brought things under control.
Kudos to team Support Elders!

Prompt decision and fast action

On 11th May’22, a call was received by MCA Mr S. Adhikary from NAC stating an emergency. He immediately left office to reach our member Ms R. Sarkar’s house. On reaching, he found that the member had fallen in the bathroom. Her head was injured, as it had struck a cupboard when she fell. She was in a shock. The MCA carried her and lay her on the bed. Her waist was injured and she was writhing in pain. There was a blood clot where her head was struck. Mr Adhikary applied ice pack and suggested that she be taken to the nearby hospital. Ms Sarkar was taken to the Emergency unit of the hospital and X-rays of all kinds were done. Thankfully she had not procured any internal injury. The external injuries were taken care of. Thanks to the prompt decision of Mr Adhikary.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Connectivity and promptness

Our member, Ms A. Banerjee, had to submit a life certificate, which required authentication by a gazette officer. As both her knees had been operated, she was unable to get the authentication done and requested Support Elders to look into it. MCA Mr B. Maity took charge of it. He gathered the required information and made a note of what was required. Through his network, he soon found a gazetted officer who was willing to meet our member at her house to authenticate the certificate. The matter was handled promptly and efficiently by Mr Maity, bringing a lot of relief and peace of mind to our member. Kudos to him!

Our member, Ms G. Maitra, had bought a flat in 2004. At that time the owner was someone else. Later, when Ms Maitra decided to transfer the ownership to her name and also add her children’s name to it, it became a mammoth ordeal for her. For the last five years, she was constantly at it but all her efforts were in vain as things did not move. Then, she requested Support Elders to look into it. Our ZC Mr A. Adhikary got her papers ready and gathered information about the proceedings. He connected with the right people and was able to fast track the process. For 4 days, he ran from pillar to post to get signatures, approvals, court orders and ultimately got the long pending mutation work done. Kudos to him!

Service before self

On 18 April, 2022, at 7.30 p.m, ZC Mr M. M. Sarkar’s duty had just got over, when he received a call from Ms R. Ray’s daughter, stating an emergency. Hearing this he immediately rushed to the member’s house, informing NAC on the way about the situation.

Ms Ray had fallen in the bathroom and her head was injured. She was bleeding profusely. On reaching, the ZC picked up the member, and seated her in a chair. He dabbed the blood and tried to keep it under control. He then collected the medical documents and helped her slowly into the lift to go down and get into the car. She along with her daughter, who had just reached, went to the nearby hospital, while the ZC followed them on his bike.
On reaching the hospital, Mr Sarkar took our member to the emergency, where the doctor immediately made arrangements to stop her bleeding and cure her wound. She received 4-5 stitches and was sent for a CT scan. Thankfully there was no internal hemorrhage. After keeping her under observation for 1½ hours, she was discharged. Since the wound required regular dressing, the ZC Mr Sarkar, arranged for a compounder to go to her house and dress her wounds at regular intervals. He kept constant touch, till she was completely healed.

Kudos to Team Support Elders!