Support Elders


Exceptional examples of Our Dedicated Service

Immediate action stabilises condition

On 16th February, 2023 our member Mr. S. B Bardhan called ZC Mr. Nazimuddin at 4.56 a.m. stating an emergency. MCA Mr. S. Sana rushed to the member’s house immediately. On hearing that Mr. Bardhan had breathing problem at night, Mr. Sana immediately checked his Oxygen saturation and BP. He found that his BP had fallen drastically. He called NAC instantly for an ambulance. Within no time the ambulance arrived, and Mr. Bardhan was taken to the hospital and admitted in the emergency. ZC Mr. Nazimuddin visited the hospital at around 9.30 a.m. and found that our member’s heart beat was uneven and his BP was fluctuating dangerously. The doctor wanted to proceed for catheterization and also recommended ventilation as anything critical could happen. Mr. Nazimuddin immediately consulted the family members and intimated them about the condition. Since they couldn’t arrive, Mr. Nazimuddin was permitted to sign on behalf of them which was authorized over the phone. After all the medical proceedings our member was kept under observation till his condition had stabilised. After a week he was discharged, and was taken home by the Support Elders staff.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Timely blood transfusion

On 16 February, 2023, the condition of one of our Members, Mr. A. R. Dutta Majumdar who was admitted in the hospital suddenly deteriorated.  Support Elders staff was in constant touch with the hospital staff and enquired about his health every day. They were intimated by the doctor late night, that the member’s hemoglobin had suddenly dropped and blood was required to be arranged immediately. After a frantic search MCA Mr. M. Khara arranged for the blood from a blood bank and handed it to the doctor at around 12.30 a.m. The doctor thanked Mr Khara for the instant action taken as further delay would have caused a major heart block. He prepared for the blood transfusion immediately.Till the process went on Support Elders staff was present there and ZC M. M. Sarkar constantly took reports and conveyed them to our member’s family. Due to timely blood transfusion Mr. Dutta Majumdar was out of danger and got well eventually. Support Elders staff took him home safely after his discharge. 


Kudos to Team Support Elders!

Ensured peace of mind

Not only do our care associates remain alert 24×7 during medical emergency of our members but also do so to provide them peace of mind. On 16th January, 2023, our member Ms P. Roy was travelling back from Puri and was supposed to reach Howrah station early in the morning at 6.00 a.m. MCA Mr M. Chhajer was told to reach the station accordingly. Mr Chhajer being on night duty, tracked the train the entire night and found that it would reach Howrah station well before time, at around 4.45 a.m. He reached the station at 4.30 a.m. and waited for our member. Ms Roy had no idea herself that the train was running early, as she had slept. It was a pleasant surprise for her to find Mr Chhajer already waiting for her at the platform. She was then escorted home by him, who left only after she had settled down comfortably.

She was immensely happy with the organisation’s service and particularly with Mr Chhajer for having such a strong sense of duty.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Timely call, saves all

Our member Dr. S. Kishore stays alone, so MCA Mr R. Choudhary regularly calls her to check on her wellbeing. On 10th February, at around 6.00 p.m she had fallen and injured herself critically. Coincidentally, at the same time Mr. Choudhary was trying to call her. On receiving no response, he got worried and immediately rushed to Dr. Kishore’s house. He rang the bell quite a few times but no one opened. He tried to hear if she was inside and heard someone groaning in pain and a soft voice asking for help. The door was locked and it was impossible to get in. Hearing the painful moaning, Mr Choudhury immediately called Dr. Kishore’s son who stays abroad and briefed him about the situation. With his permission he broke the lock, in the presence of a neighbour and entered the house. He found Dr. Kishor in a pool of blood and immediately informed NAC about the critical condition and for an ambulance. Meanwhile he informed Dr. Kishore’s son about her condition and the need for immediate hospitalisation. Accordingly, she was rushed to the nearby hospital and admitted. Timely admission and treatment had saved the situation from worsening.

Kudos to team Support Elders!