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Exceptional examples of Our Dedicated Service


While monitoring the medical data our CNC team found that our member Dr N. Mukherjee’s respiratory rate had increased a lot.
Ms S. Roy of the CI team shared the report with our member’s family.Initially they thought it must be for some temporary reason.
Ms Roy was concerned since the data continued showing increased heart rate of our member. During her visit she observed that he was breathless while speaking and also complained of a pain on the lower part of his chest. His wife too checked and found that a part had swollen and become red. She immediately requested for a consultation with our doctor partners. Dr K. Basu suggested a blood culture and chest x-ray. This was arranged at home and the report showed a patch of pneumonia. Dr Basu prescribed antibiotics, taking which our member’s respiratory rate normalized, making him
feel much better.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Problem resolved at midnight

ZC Mr B. Basu had received a call from our member Ms S. Busch around 11.42 p.m. stating that there was no electricity. As she has breathing problem, it is necessary for her to use the sleep apnea machine for a comfortable sleep. Due to power failure, she was unable to use the machine and was worried that she might incur breathing problems. Understanding the gravity of the situation Mr Basu called the Alarm Centre and they informed MCA Mr M. Sinha to reach the member’s house immediately. He contacted the CESC people instantly and took them along to the member’s house, got the problem detected and resolved. Then he switched on the sleep apnea machine and our member was greatly relieved. After ensuring that electricity was restored and there wouldn’t be any further issue Mr Sinha left the house at around 12.34 a.m.

Kudos to team Support Elders!

Fire extinguished in time

On 9 th April, 2024, in the evening while trying to switch on the gas, a leakage was encountered by our member Ms S. Deb. As the gas was lighted, almost immediately the mouth of the cylinder caught fire. On receiving a call from ZC Mr. S. Dey, MCA Mr. P. Sinha reached the member’s house within 3 minutes. He told the attendants to move aside and with the help of foot mats got the fire to subside and eventually blow out. He opened all the windows, switched off the regulator and checked for any leakage. Mr. Sinha found that the
cylinder was faulty and under the pressure of the regulator the leakage had started. He changed the cylinder, and after ensuring that there was no smell of gas, lighted the gas burner. When he was assured that everything was fine, he left the house.
Kudos to team Support Elders!

Ensuring support whenever required

On 1st April’24 our member Ms S. Singha Ray was taken by her family members for a doctor’s check-up. The report showed her potassium level was high which worried her family immensely. ZC Mr B. Saha received a call at around 8.45 pm from our member’s daughter stating that her mother required a dialysis immediately. The MCA on duty Mr M. Mandal reached there immediately and collected her documents. With great care Ms Singha Ray was made to sit in a wheelchair and brought down by Mr Mandal and taken to the hospital by a pre-booked cab. On reaching the hospital he immediately submitted the documents and took her straight to the dialysis room and got her admitted. The dialysis went on for four and a half hours. At 3.30 a.m. Mr Mandal brought her back home. After ensuring that she was all right he left the house at 4.00 a.m.
Kudos to team Support Elders!