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Exceptional examples of Our Dedicated Service

Emergency Comes Unannounced

Our member, Mr Nag slipped and fell on the wet washroom floor in his flat around 5 a.m. Not wishing to disturb his sleeping wife, he immediately connected with the 24×7 Support Elders National Alarm Centre through his one-touch alert wristband.

When the Member Care Associate reached his residence, he found Mr Nag still lying in blood on the bathroom floor. The Member Care Associate rushed him to the hospital, where the doctor stitched up his wounds. However, he could not administer the tetanus injection for lack of stock.

For the next two hours, the Member Care Associate went from shop to shop in search of the injection. Finally, he managed to procure it from a hospital pharmacy, 5 km away, after scouring at least 14 shops on the way. Then, the Member Care Associate rushed back to the Mr Nag’s house and got the injection administered.

Support Elders Impact: Giving our best shot for members

You are not Alone!

Her failing eyesight and geriatric problems had robbed former teacher and cookbook writer, Ms Silliman, of the confidence to step out of her house. She had had to give up even going to buy baking ingredients from New Market, her favourite shopping destination.

After the cooking and baking enthusiast became a member of Support Elders, she hesitatingly expressed her desire to her Care Manager. The Support Elders staff with great care started taking her on shopping trip, every now and then.

This helped Ms Silliman to regain her confidence, and she even hosted cookery classes at home. The Support Elders care manager regularly visits her and fulfils her smallest of needs and desires.

Support Elders Impact: Building self-confidence through trust

Healing through care

A few years ago, Ms Gupta led a rather difficult life, with ceaseless health complications. In fact, she used to be frequently hospitalised, and even put in the ICCU. Doctors had advised brain surgery for Ms Gupta, which her physician brother decided against and enrolled her with Support Elders.

When Ms Gupta became a member of Support Elders, she had lost her speech and movement. The Care Manager took charge of her health and financial management. From following up with the doctors and tests, arranging physiotherapists and domestic staff to looking after her expense reimbursement, Support Elders shouldered the entire responsibility.

Gradually, Ms Gupta, began to get up from the bed with assistance and began to use her wheelchair. In fact, she has now started walking around her flat with a distinct confidence. The lady even celebrated her 92nd birthday with great pomp earlier this year, with guests and well-wishers.

Support Elders Impact: Getting them back on their feet

Easing Dialysis Sessions

Mr Basu had many health issues when he first enrolled with Support Elders. He needs to be regularly taken for dialysis. The Member Care Associates take him for evening dialysis sessions to the hospital, which take hours, often extending till midnight. Each session takes at least four hours to complete and the elderly feels weak for hours after each session gets over.

The Support Elders staff gives Mr Basu ample time to recover from the effects of the dialysis sessions to ensure that blood circulation is back to normal in Mr Basu’s limbs before ferrying him home by ambulance. The care extended to Mr Basu ensures that he is able to move around his flat on other days. The closeness he has developed with the Member Care Associates helps stem his depression as well.

Support Elders Impact: Helping to heal physically and mentally