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Exceptional examples of Our Dedicated Service

Duty with Dedication

Ms Gani, who stays in a flat under the care of Support Elders, was detected with arterial blockage during a routine ECG. The cardiologist advised her to go for pacemaker implantation.

The family members were informed of the doctor’s advice. The Support Elders staff started coordinating with the cardiologist and the member’s family to assist Ms Gani undergo all pre- and post-operative tests and making arrangements for admission at the hospital.

A day ahead of the surgery, an MCA accompanied the member and admitted her to the hospital. During the surgery and thereafter, the Zonal Coordinator regularly updated the member’s family on the situation.

The Support Elders staff monitored the situation right up to her discharge and even after she was put under the care of nurses at home.

Support Elders Impact: We give our heart to care for elders

Pain Relief on a Sunday Night

One of our members, Dr Chakraborty, started getting stomach cramps around 8 on a Sunday evening. His son rushed out to search for an SOS medicine earlier prescribed by a doctor for similar symptoms. He failed to find the drug and sought help from our National Alarm Centre around 9 p.m.

Our National Alarm Centre, in turn, alerted a Member Care Associate, who was on his way to join the night shift. He immediately started searching for the medicine at pharmacies. Not many were open at that hour. After failing to find the drug at around 15 pharmacies for close to three hours, lady luck smiled. Without losing precious time, he sped to the member’s residence with the drug.

Dr Chakraborty was in a bad shape by then. The Member Care Associate waited after the member had the medicine. He kept our National Alarm Centre on alert lest the member’s condition worsened.

After around 20 minutes, the member got some relief from the pain. The family expressed gratitude to Support Elders.

Support Elders Impact: Tackling emergencies responsibly is our solemn duty.

Rekindling Purpose To Live

Ms Dutta, a retired teacher, led a lonely existence after suffering a personal setback. Her health conditions too impeded her mobility.

Ms Dutta enrolled with Support Elders after coming across its Facebook page and calling up our National Alarm Centre. Soon after, she was invited to a members’ picnic in Dankuni. But she was worried about the commute. A care manager took charge. And Ms Dutta stepped out to socialise after years.

Eventually, she joined The Silver Circle (TSC), which helps improve the quality of life of elders through positive engagement and self-actualisation. It boosted her confidence.

At the TSC classes, Ms Dutta learnt booking app-based cabs for easy commute, which cut down her dependency on others. Participating in TSC Movie Club outings, theatre evenings, picnics and other events organised by the Member Engagement Team became routine affair for her.

During summers, Ms Dutta would offer chilled home-made lassi to the Member Care Associates visiting her weekly. She would chat with them and the National Alarm Centre staff giving her daily calls. When her spectacles broke, a Member Care Associate got her a new pair made with plastic lenses in a few hours. She was relieved and most thankful to Support Elders.

Support Elders Impact: Members’ all-round well-being is our topmost priority.

Our Staff Is Never Off Duty

Our Zonal Coordinator was in Agra on vacation when one of our members, Ms Ghosh, who stays alone in a flat in Kolkata, made an SOS call to him. The catheter fitted on her had somehow come off, causing her extreme discomfort. It was 11 p.m.

Without wasting a single moment, the Zonal Coordinator alerted our National Alarm Centre, which, in turn, rushed off a Member Care Associate to the member’s house. The National Alarm Centre also summoned a trained nurse from a partner hospital to help the patient put on the catheter.

The Zonal Coordinator, before going on leave, had stocked up the necessary medical paraphernalia for the member in her house. He explained to his colleague and the nurse over the phone where he had kept them. The nurse fitted the catheter on the member after which she got huge relief!

Support Elders Impact: Medical emergency at any hour is our highest priority