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“Reliable service across cities

I had to go to Hyderabad for my eye surgery…They never left my side throughout the entire stay” – Ms B. Chatterjee, Kolkata

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"Serving our members as we serve our parents

The greatest joy about serving with Support Elders is receiving so many opportunities to serve our elders; treating them like our parents and doing whatever it takes to deliver succour to them." - Rabin Saha, Coordinator, Support Elders

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Technology based comprehensive support (Core Solutions)

Our unique range of solutions is broadly clubbed under Core and Supplementary options along with an independent range of solutions to support positive ageing. They collectively deliver the entire range of our services, which are compelling.

Medical Emergency Alert Solution (MEAS)

24x7 Medical Emergency help at a touch of a button, through a GPS tracked wristband. Regular check-in calls and support for Out-of Home Assistance.

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A technology-backed comprehensive solution, including 24X7 Medical Emergency Help and Remote Sensor-based Monitoring of health and other parameters to ensure comfort and convenience.

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Provides all the benefits of MEAS and manages and tracks the complete medical logistics of the member. A Dedicated Care Coordinator will manage and track the care protocol and the complete Medical Logistics of the member.

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