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The World of Elder Care

Trip to Rijeka

Our member Ms. Binapani Chatterjee travelled extensively with her mother, sister and few other close relatives to different parts of the world. Her sister studied in Germany, she is well aware of the beautiful places of Europe. She suggested ...

Memories of Bhopal


Our member Mr. Ravinder Kumar Puri was associated with the much-known Union Carbide India Limited and he travelled through out the country for his posting. He shared some of his beautiful memories of Bhopal prior ...

A Lady Who Get Lost On & Often


By Mousumi Gupta

The only man in the world to be struck by lightning seven times was ex-park ranger Roy C. Sullivan. Kami Rita Sherpa. 22 times climbed Mount Everest. These are records ...

Memories of the Warm & Friendly Germans



Our member, Mr Sushil Ghosh, shares his memories of Aiken, Germany, where he went for his higher studies in structural engineering, with Mousumi Gupta.  

How the Katju name gave Jadavpur locality an identity



Our member, Mr Brajadish Das, shares the story behind his family’s flight from Bangladesh and settling in south Kolkata’s Katjunagar, with Mousumi Gupta.