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Rainbow of Memories of the Niagara




Our member, Ms Shyamali Basu, visited the Niagara Falls during one of her visits to her son’s place in the US. She described the vastness and breathtaking views of this gigantic falls in her words to Mousumi Gupta  


“My son took us to several places in the US, most of which I liked. But the one I remember the most is the Niagara Falls. Its majesty is something that’s difficult to describe in words,” reminisced Ms Basu. 


“This immense waterfall overlaps the border between Canada and the US, and we saw it from both sides. The mighty falls plunge over a cliff creating a mist around the entire area, which sometimes create a rainbow and that is a worth-watching and unforgettable scene.” 


Recalling her unforgettable experience, she said: “We saw the falls from the top as well as the bottom. I was amazed to see the huge volume of water rushing from the falls crushed into the narrow gorge, creating the Whirlpool Rapids.” 


“The thundering roar of millions of gallons of water falling right in front of our eyes creating a powerful spray of water was simply unbelievable. The only way to experience one of the world’s most iconic natural wonders is to experience the boat ride at the bottom of the falls,” said Ms Basu. 


“We were given water-proof jackets so that we did not get wet. Everyone in the boat was shouting at the top of their voices when the boat approached the falls. The vastness of the Niagara and the mist-covered memories will remain with me for lifetime,” said the member.





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