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Joys of e-shopping

Release your worries and tension by filling up your shopping bags from the comfort of your home.


Comfort and convenience

The advent of online shopping has come as a 24x7 boon for the elderly. Sitting in the comfort of their living room or bedroom, seniors can buy books to clothes, food to medicines, groceries to tickets, among countless other things, all at the click of a mouse. It has freed the seniors from the headache of having to depend on others to buy products on their behalf or running around themselves in search of the desired item.   


Array of choice

The mind-boggling variety of say, books or garments, available online leaves the elderly completely spoilt for choice. To have an equally enviable choice, they would, otherwise, have been forced to do multiple rounds of different shops, libraries, malls or other establishments at designated hours or patiently wait for the annual book fair, for example. 


Watch on global trends & easy gifting

Fashion labels, designers and brands release their seasonal collections, say spring-summer or fall-winter, in shops and online, simultaneously, helping the seniors, who are mostly doting parents or grandparents to easily spot, choose and buy the latest apparels or books or iPods or Kindle readers for their loved ones. They no longer need to worry whether the products they choose are according to current fashion trends/ product launches or not.  


Deals and discounts

Online websites often give amazing deals and discounts, which could mean the best of products at the cheapest of prices. 


Exchange at doorstep

Online shopping offers easy exchange policies. The elderly just need to call up the helpline and opt for free pick-up if the product is not according to their liking or up to the mark. The seniors do not have to bother about stepping out of the comfort of their homes and trudge to the store themselves. 


Easy comparison

Seniors can easily compare the prices of the same product across multiple e-commerce websites and be sure to clinch the best deal. 


Flexible payment

E-commerce sites offer an array of payment options — from cash on delivery (COD) to credit card purchase to equated monthly instalments (EMIs) through Bajaj Finance card, etc. 


Awards and points system

E-shopping often offers awards, coupons and point-based redemption schemes, which makes future shopping profitable for registered customers.