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From a Traveller's Diary - Salem


Salem is as dynamic as it is steeped in tradition, says our member Mr. K. K. Pradhan, who sis charmed by the beguiling city, its serene nature, its bustling streets and its industrious people. more

Earning Love, Pride & Respect for Being an Indian

How Ms Goswami won awe and admiration during her trips abroad. more

Rainbow of Memories from the Niagara

How a visit to the Niagara Falls from Canada and US made lifetime memories for Ms S Basu. more

Lifetime Memories of Andaman-The Travellers’ Paradise 

How a trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands turned into a lifetime memory for Ms R Sarkar. more

A Voyage on a Modern-day Noah’s Ark

How a unique voyage to the UK on a cargo ship turned into a lifetime memory for Ms Flower Silliman. more

Gomukh-A Walk to Paradise

A trekking trip to Gomukh years ago is fresh in the mind & words of our member, Mr Sachchidananda Banerjee. more

The Himalayan Surprise

Our member, Dr Nrityendra Nath Saha Chowdhury, reminisces how a thrilling trip to Bhutan set his pulse racing. more

Iberian Surprise

A thrilling trip to Spain and Portugal through the eyes and words of our member, Ms Dipa Roy. more

Going gaga over Gujarat

Gujarat through the eyes and words of our member, Mr Dipak Kumar Dasgupta. more

Bingeing on Bangkok

Bangkok through the eyes and words of our member, Mr Sujoy Kumar Roy. more